Languages of the Wine Sea Coast

El: The Language of the Élan. Elegant, complicated, and beautiful. El has multiple tenses, verb forms, and levels of familiarity. It also seems the scrip it is written in contains much that other races refer to as runes or magical writing.

Grima: The language of the Grimare. A simple language with a rich vocabulary of nature. Seasons, times of day, colors, stages of life, relationships, types of trees, flowers, animals, insects, water, and so on are finely nuanced and plentiful.

Wote: A language reserved for the worship of the Old Gods. The Grima do not teach it to others, and acceptance of at least the first few rites of the Gods is necessary to learning of the language.

Imperial: The language given to the Drakkan and Wykarn by Kyril. It is a language in which power, and order are interwoven. Though not the language of Dragons, they seem quite able to understand it. The written form is runic, and includes numerals and mathematics.

Infernus: A or ‘the’ language of demons and those who have truck with them.

Okor: The language of the Puran. Named for the Empire which no longer is. Many ancient works, tales, and texts are in Okor. A language few but Historians and mages know.

Mon: The tongue of the Melthin. Not written in any form known to others, a language rich in terms for conquest, violence, plains, and weapons.

Trykan: The language of the Kythe. Rich in nautical and dramatic forms, trykan is a flowing and tonal language. It has words for colors and tones of sea and sky no others have.

Draconic: The language of dragons. Full of terms for power, elements, and wealth. A must for any Sage, Mage, or self important personage.


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