Peoples of the Wine Sea Coast

Élan –
The Élan are a race of people from across the Wine Sea. They arrived in twenty ships with sails of gold cloth which were burned upon the rocky shores of the Point of Despair on a moonless Winter Solstice Night. Three moons later they had kicked the Empire out of the Entire Darkflow Basin. Today they rule what are called the Witch Kingdoms. The Witch Kingdoms are loosely aligned holdings of the more powerful or ambitious of the Élan. There is no overall structure or leadership within the Kingdoms. Occasional Councils or Meets are held to resolve disputes, establish rules, or make other decisions.
Tall, Pale, Dark-haired, with eyes of purple, silver, white or red, they are a commanding and stunning people. They excel at magic, especially Necromancy and Enchantment. The Élan profess allegiance to no gods, but some still wield divine power.
Élan can be Magic-users, Bards, Thieves, Rangers, Assassins, Clerics, Cavaliers, or Fighters. They can Multi-class as Magic-user/Thieves, Ranger/Bards, or Cleric/Assassins. They may also Dual Class as Magic-users and any other single class available.
Attribute Adjustments:
+1 Intelligence
+1 Wisdom or Charisma
-1 Strength
-1 Constitution
Special Abilities:
Infravision 60’
+2 Bonus on all reaction Adjustments
Due to their intense familiarity with the supernatural Élan gain a +2 bonus on all saving throws against magical effects.

Imperial, El, Grima

The Tainted -
Within the Witch Kingdoms there are others as well; the tainted.
Touched by what some call a curse, others call demonic blood, still others claim to be death itself the tainted are distinctive. Many bear horns, hooves or other animalistic features. Haughty, prideful, intimidating, and unnatural the tainted find roles as enforcers, agents, and warriors for the Élan. They are hated and reviled by the Grimare.
Tainted gain a +1 bonus on all saving throws for each 3 ½ pts of Charisma.
They have Infravision to 60’.
The tainted suffer a -4 penalty on all reaction adjustments because of their unearthly demeanour.
Tainted can be Fighters, Thieves, Bards, Magic Users, Rangers, and Assassins.
They may also multi-class as Fighter/Thieves, Fighter/Assassins, Assassin/Rangers, Fighter/Magic-users, Ranger/Magic-users, Assassin/Magic-users, Assassin/Bards, Ranger/Assassin/Magic-users, and Fighter/Assassin/Magic-users.

Attribute Adjustments:
-1 Wisdom

El, Grima, Imperial, Infernus

There are four races of man found within the Southern Lands: The Grimare, original inhabitants of the Darkflow Basin; the Puran, once proud rulers of an Empire; Melthin, nomadic warriors from the Western Plains; and the Kythe, sailors from across the Wine Sea.

The Grimare are the indigenous people of the Darkflow Basin. They are short, stocky, and dusky skinned. Masters of Woodcraft, swamp craft, fishing, and survival. They lived in small extended family communities before the arrival of the Élan. They did not mount a fight against the arrival of these new people, treating them much as they had the Imperial Forces of previous Centuries, ignoring them unless absolutely impossible. However the Élan were different. They did not conquer land so much as people. The Empire slowly and orderly retreated, leaving the Grimare to be enslaved. The Grimare now tend crops, fish, and serve within the households of the Élan.
The Grimare worship the Old Gods. This is the dark, secretive pantheon of Nature served by the old people of the Land.
Grimare are not limited in class selection, though few serve deities outside the Old Gods.
Attribute Adjustments:
+1 Wisdom
Grima, El, Imperial, Wote

Once the Puran held sway over lands on either side of the Wine Sea, holding all the lands currently known to those upon the sundered continent. The Empire fell amidst calamities both magical, political, and divine. The great Comet tore a swath through the land and the people. Now the Puran remain, but as a remnant of what they once were. They are now sages, advisors, hermits, or merchants rather than holders of an Empire. Most reside with The Empire now but they may be found scattered nearly anywhere.
They are tall, most at or above 6’, with red, blonde, or black hair, and grey, blue or brown eyes.
The gods of the Puran still hold sway throughout the land, though many either died or have fallen silent since the destruction of the old Empire.
Attribute Adjustments:
+1 Intelligence or Charisma.

Imperial, El, Grima, Okor

The Melthin come from the vast plains North of the Iron Teeth Mountains. The Melthin traverse these plains upon the backs of both achai a huge 8 foot bird, and ghon a musk-ox-marmot like creature weighing tons. Large felt and ivory wheeled carts are pulled across the plains as home, temple, and palace.
Warlike, aggressive, and driven by a divine mandate to conquer and travel the Melthin are feared, respected, and misunderstood.
Shorter and squatter than most others, the Melthin are dark of hair, eye and complexion.
The Melthin worship both spirits of air and plain, and gods of blood and war.
Attribute Adjustments:
+1 Constitution or Strength

Most recent arrivals to the land are the Kythe. They too sailed across the Wine Sea to settle upon the southern rim of the Empire. They did not burn their ships, nor do they claim any knowledge of the Élan or the old lands of the Puran Empire. The Kythe were able to establish five Cities upon the coast before direct conflict with the Empire began. Rather than go to war, the Kythe negotiated and joined the Empire with their holdings intact. The Kythe cities are all built around strong, safe, defensible harbors and support a fleet of cargo ships unmatched by any.
Kythe are slender, averaging between 5 and 6 foot in height, with blonde, brown, and red hair, with blue, green, black, and brown eyes.
The Kythe brought their gods with them. Only two have temples within their holdings, but their myths, legends, and stories speak of many more.
Attribute Adjustments:
+1 to Dexterity or Charisma
Languages: Imperial, El, Trykan

Drakkan -
The Drakkan form the backbone of the empire. They are the Legionnaires, Engineers, and Senators. The Drakkan trace their lineages with care, all clans and lines claiming descent from Kyril the Great Wyrm, First of all Dragons. The Drakkan are strong, haughty, and fierce. They have built an Empire out of the ruins of One destroyed by Nature and the Gods with disparate peoples other races shunned and cast aside. Scaled, frilled, fanged and clawed, the Drakkan are impressive and frightening to many, and inspirational to others. Averaging 6’ in height and weighing in around 300 lbs. the physicality of the Drakkan is immediately apparent.
Scales come in nearly every color or metallic tone.
As with all in the Empire the Drakkan worship Kyril and the servants, saints, and aspects of the First.
Special Abilities:
Drakkan have a Base Natural AC of 6.
Drakkan can let loose a dragon like breath in combat. It is either a stream or cone. Streams are 1’ wide and 5’ long per 2 levels. Cones are 1’ long at the base and 5’ wide and long per 2 levels. Each breath takes 2-5 rounds to recharge when used. Streams do 1d6 pts of damage per 2 levels, cones 1d4 per 2 levels. Those in the breath are allowed a save to take half damage.
Damage can be fire, cold, acid, poison, force, electricity, or sound.
The choice of damage type and stream or cone must be made at character creation.
Drakkan gain a +1 to hit vs. lycanthropes, demons, and abominations.
Drakkan can be Fighters, Paladins, Evokers, Abjurers, Clerics, and Thieves. They may multi-class as Cleric/Evokers, or Cleric/Abjurers.
Infravision 60’
Ultravision 60’
Attribute Adjustments:
+1 Strength
+1 Charisma or Intelligence
-1 Dexterity
-1Wisdom or Charisma.

Imperial, El, Okor, Trykan, Draconic.

Wykarn, (the Least):
Wykarn are the crafty, smaller cousins of the Drakkan. Similarly scaled, but small in stature and much less physically impressive they are the scholars, craftsmen, and artists of the Empire. Typically 3 foot in height and under 75 pounds in weight, the Wykarn are often underestimated. They too claim descent from Kyril, a claim which Drakkan may secretly dispute but which is doctrinally accepted by the church.
Wykarn can be Fighters, Rangers, Magic-Users, Monks, Thieves, Bards, Assassins, or Clerics.
Wykarn may Multi-Class as Fighter/Thieves, Fighter/Clerics, Ranger/Bards, Magic-user/Thieves, Magic-user/Assassins, Magic-user/Clerics, Fighter/Thief/Clerics, Ranger/Bard/Clerics, Magic-user/Cleric/Thieves, and Magic-user/Cleric/Assassins.
Special Abilities: Wykarn have a natural AC of 8.
Ultravision to 80’
Infravsion to 60’
Attribute Adjustments:
+1 Intelligence or Dexterity
-1 Constitution.
Languages: Imperial, El, Okor, Trykan, Draconic

Amongst the cast-off races of the Empire are the Essendra. The product of a curse upon the depravity of the Puran Nobility. A melding of Man and Cow, or Bull the Essendra are stocky and powerfully built, with cloven hooves and horned, bovine heads. Strong, tough, yet given to philosophical reflection and song the Essendra are contradictions culturally and physically. Many worship Kyril, or his servants, but some few also serve Joran the Puran god who placed the curse which formed them. The Essendra act as craftsmen, sailors, soldiers and merchants within the Empire.
Racial Abilities: Essendra are immune to Maze spells and gain a +4 bonus vs. confusion, misdirection, and similar spells. All Essendra gain constitution bonuses on hit dice as if they were Fighters.
They gain proficiency in Direction Sense for free.
Essendra can be Fighters, Magic-Users, Bards, Thieves, and Clerics. Essendra may multi-class as Fighter/Magic-users, Fighter/Bards, Fighter/Thieves, Fighter/Clerics, Fighter/Magic-user/Thieves, Fighter/Bard/Clerics, Magic-user/Thief/Clerics, and Magic-user/Bard/Clerics.
Attribute Adjustments:
+1 Constitution or Wisdom
-1 Dexterity.
Languages: Imperial, El, Okor, Trykan, Draconic, Mon

The Kouran are another of the misfit peoples of the Empire. First seen following the comet fall which ended the Puran Empire, the Kouran are strange manlike birds. Flightless, but winged and feathered, the Kouran are walking, talking, man-sized crows. They first lived as scavengers, and opportunists as the Empire expanded and conquered. They traded goods, food, and supplies to armies and villagers alike during the disruption of war. In time they found work as spies, scouts, and envoys. Today they serve the Empire as the same. The current Spymaster of the Empire is said to be an old and wily Kouran. The Kouran have little public use for Gods but it is rumoured that they serve a god or gods known only to them.
Special Abilities:
Kouran gain an additional +2 to hit when making flank attacks.
Kouran can mimic any voice they have heard. They gain proficiency in Ventriloquism for free.
Kouran gain +1 to hit with daggers, short swords, darts, and slings.
Attribute Adjustments:
+1 Dexterity or Intelligence
-1 Wisdom
Kouran can play as Fighters, Illusionists, Diviners, Thieves, Assassins, Monks, and Clerics. They may multi-class as Fighter/Thieves, Fighter/Assassins, Fighter/Clerics, Illusionist/Thieves, Illusionist/Assassins, Illusionist/Clerics, Diviner/Thieves, Diviner/Clerics, Assassin/Monks, Assassin/Clerics, and Diviner/Monk/Clerics.
Languages: Kouran may learn any languages at game start.

The Elder Races:
Within the Iron Teeth Mountains great halls and caverns have been worked and claimed by Dwarves, the Earth Children. They are now few, but are still looked to for crafting expertise and ancient lore. (See Dwarves in PHB)
In Halls found between the worlds, under the Ground, and within the last great forests The Eldest of Races reside. The Grey occasionally choose to walk openly upon the world as well. They are sought for wisdom, though they dispense it sparingly. Their knowledge is revered, though they seem loathe to share it. (See Elves in PHB)
There are also those who bear a portion of the blood and heritage of the Grey. Children of the Eldest and other races, or denizens of these halfway lands less Noble or Pure than the Eldest. Half-breeds, some call them, Unfinished, Lesser, and similar terms are also used. (Half-elves, Halflings, Gnomes and Half-orcs all fit these terms).

Racial Ability minimums

Élan: Intelligence 9 Charisma 9
Tainted: Charisma 7, Intelligence 7
Drakkan: Strength 8, Constitution 9
Wykarn: Dexterity 8, Intelligence 7
Essendra: Wisdom 8, Constitution 7
Kouran: Dexterity 9, Intelligence 8

Racial Class Limits:
Élan Tainted Drakkan Wykarn Essendra Kouran

Cleric 9 - 11 13 14 13

Fighter 8 15 15 9 14 9

Cavalier 10 16 – – – -

Paladin - - 15 – – -

Ranger 11 13 - 11 - -

Thief 12 12 9 12 13 15

Bard 11 9 – 11 15 -

Assassin 12 13 – 12 – U

Magic-user 16 11 13* 15 12 -

Illusionist 13

Diviner 13

*Drakkan can only be Abjurers or Evokers.

Peoples of the Wine Sea Coast

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