Religions of the Wine Sea Coast

Religions of the Wine Sea Coast

The Empire:

Kyril: The First. The eldest and most powerful dragon. Seen as the maker of both the Drakkan and Wykarn. Kyril is not seen as a Creator, or as a god, He is more a patron of the Rulers of the Empire. Stability, Civilization, Commerce, Government, Math, Knowledge, and Art are his Primary Interests.
There are however many other temples, schools, and branches of the Church with specific views or teachings.
The Maw or Tooth: As a Dragon Kyril is also a power of destruction, rage, and power, The sect of the Maw or Tooth, glorify this aspect. Alchemistry, violence, fire, and other elemental forces, destruction, greed, conquest, arena battles and such are the core of this faith.
Kyril’s Claw: Seemingly similar to the Maw, the sect of the claw has great strength within the legions of the Empire, and governors and civil servants in ruled lands. Warfare, strength at arms, rulership, honor, and the duties of the conqueror are the key elements of this branch.
Cwedik: Kyril’s first mate, Cwedik represents the hearth, home, family, nurturing, side of the Empire. She is also responsible for education, and child rearing.
Scuryd: Kyril’s second son. Scuryd is revered primarily amongst the Wykarn. He represents and embodies art, talecraft, riddles, mysteries, and other less violent or rigid elements of the draconic lifestyle.

Gods of the Puran:

While the Puran still live, their gods exist only in legends, myths, stories, or ruins. Some claim to still serve or worship but this is impossible to prove. Below are the names and purported duties or interests of some of the pantheon

Joran, Joras, Guorn: Wise One, Elder, Lantern Bearer,
Serth (Cirth, Kurthe): Speaker, Tale-teller, Keeper of the Law
Siat, Zyathe, Xya: Wife, Lover, Firehair
Moln, Mu’ul, Ilm: The Mighty, Earthbreaker, Bearer of Heaven
Perith, Plinur, B’earth: The Painter, The Colored, Muse
Yurg, Eurch, Iorg, Iorch: Master of Seals, Keybearer, Sigil, Inscriber

The Kythe:

Kystra: Goddess of Tempests and Waves. The Patron of Sailors. Kystra is often placated more than worshiped. She is seen as fickle, arbitrary, and unpredictable, but not malicious.
Chur: Lord of the Deep, Behemoth. Chur is most often depicted as a great Sea Creature, often a Kraken, Whale, or Shark. He is unfathomable. His domain is the depths of the Seas, the Dark Waters, the cold, undisturbed waters beneath the waves.
Koiria: Mistress of Tides and Change. Tied to the Moon and Sea Koiria represents the predictable change of the Sea. She is rhythm and phases.

The Old Gods:
The Grimare revere many spirits or aspects of nature, the World, and Life. Some refer to these as gods, some call them spirits. Below is a list of names or forms often referred to.

Cinurik: The Hunter, Stalker, Dangerous One. The threat and danger of forest and swamp. The one to be respected.
The Serpent: Wisdom, Knowledge, Death, Fear
Owl: Hidden, Stealth, Secrets, Deeper Knowledge.
Toad: Patience, Perseverence, Poison, Success through self.
Moon, Moons, Crones, The Three: Cycles, Life, Womanhood, Curses.
The Oak, The Willow, Cypress, Mangrove: Embodiments of permanence, adaptability, and so on.
Crocodile, Gator, Gar, Turtle, Crane, ….


The Kouran worship a god whose name is never given, and some say is not known. He is the God of secrets and secrecy. Amongst the Melthin multiple gods, spirits, and demons are served. They are violent, capricious spirits of the elements, Weather, or bloodshed and conquest. Very few could be considered ‘good’ or beneficent.

Religions of the Wine Sea Coast

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