Wine Sea Coast

Slaves for Trade

After finding cages filled with slaves and strange frog men gaurding them the adventurers sought to get the slaves home, (sent back to Emberbridge under the watchful eye of the Wizard), and to investigate.
What they found:
Barbarians and these frog men deep in trade talks.
The Barbarians are not Barbarians but instead Gladitorial Slaves from the Empire.
The Frogmen had strange metal tubes in chests which were being sold.

So back to Emberbridge with a score of ‘slaves’, and two chests of odd devices.
Does the party seek to rent/buy a place to stay in Emberbridge?
Do they seek to contact the Duke? Or do they speak to his representative Sir Pankharon?

What next?

Classic Game at a Classic? Time

Hello all,

I am planning on running the Wine Sea Coast game on Wednesday Evenings. This will either continue the current adventures or branch out from there. While I hope to still do longer Weekend games, I know I can make a short evening slot work and perhaps gain some consistency in the story and play.

I hope to see as many of you there as possible and maybe some new players as well.


Depths of Quasqueton
Explore it all!

Sunday the 18th! An exploration of the dungeon. Can our intrepid adventurers survive? Will they find mounds of treasure? What dark secrets does the stronghold contain?

The Adventure Continues

Further Forays into the Depths of the Dungeon!

Saturday Evening!

A Dungeon!

Having come to Emberbridge by means odd and varied our adventurers meet over a dying man. Lamisil, and //// See to his wounds and poisoning while the Paladin stands guard. Our Ranger and Thief look to his horse and gear.

All signs point to an expedition North. One band set out and likely met a grisly end our heroes seek to outdo them. Could it be that Quasqueton has been found? A spider? That big?

Meeting resistance on the way in the adventurers manage to discover the lair of the spider and vanquish it at the cost of but one of their members. RIP Sam Lightfoot.

The First Game
Off to Adventure!

Our first game will be Sunday November 20, 2011. The adventurers will gather in the small town of Emberbridge. Much goes on in the town, and our doughty band will find out just how far reaching those bits are.. or will they?

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