Male, Half-Elf, Thief /Mage


Str-13, Int-16, Wis-10, Dex-18, Con-14, Cha-10, PP-13, PPm-12, RDW-14,BW-16, Spe-15
AC-4, HP-5, Leather, Quarterstaff, Daggers


Mother was Grimare, Father was of the Elven race she would never speak of him. Mother was killed by a raiding party when I was a young boy. Some how I survived the attack. I survived on my own for a few years, living the best way I could, steeling. Until I picked the the wrong pocket, a mage. He was an Elan, and a practitioner of the dark arts. He had a protection sell on his coin pouch. I grabbed it and could not let go, so I was cout. Instead of turning me in he made me serve him. In my service I started to show a nak for magic,so he trained me.


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