Character Creation

Character Creation:

Characters for the Wine Sea Coast can be built in 5 easy steps:

1. Generate Ability Scores:
Three methods can be used to generate the six numbers which make up so much of this system’s characters.
You may roll 3d6 once for each of the six stats taking the total of the die rolled as your score. This method will generate the lowest and least desirable scores on average.
You may roll 4d6 six times, taking the highest three dice of each roll and assigning those totals to the six attributes as you wish. This method may generate the most desirable numbers and provide the greatest flexibility.
You may roll 3d6 24 times, keeping each total in order. Take the six preferred numbers and assign them in order from any starting roll.

2. Choose Race for the character
From the PHB, or The Races of the Wine Sea Coast Document choose the one you would prefer to play. Make certain you meet the minimum ability score requirements (after racial adjustments). Make note of any special abilities, language options, and Class or Multi-Class options available.

3. Choose Class or Multi-Class.
Choose your class or classes from those available to your Race. The AD&D 2 ed. PHB will be the primary source. Rangers, Druids, Illusionists, Assassins, and Monks will operate as detailed in the 1st ed. PHB, as modified here.
Monks will be allowed Bonus to Hit as Damage for Strength, may add their Dexterity Modifier for AC, and may specialize in weapons as Fighters, or Rangers. Weapon and Non-Weapon Proficiencies will be Used. All Non-Weapon Proficiencies require but one slot and have no modifiers. Monks will be allowed to spend 45 Skill points on Thief Abilities at start with an additional 15 per level.
Multi-class characters are limited by the armor of any thief or thief sub-class, not by Magic-user or Illusionist. Druidic prohibitions also affect all classes of a multi-class character.

4. Buy Starting Equipment, and generate/choose physical description. (The top of the Sheet)
Generate starting funds according to the class table found near the equipment list. (2nd ed.). Buy Equipment. Then choose height, weight, eye color, hair color, skin tone, name and all those most difficult of decisions.

5. Meet with your GM.
This step will let the GM approve your character(s) make sure choices are appropriate and legal, and offer additional background information, abilities, knowledge, etc.

Character Creation

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